General Terms and Conditions

By accepting any works to be performed through quote, invoice, verbally or electronic email by Expert Installs Pty Ltd you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions:

  1. Quotations issued are valid for period stated

  1. The deposit as stated is required to secure and confirm any schedule bookings and is deemed to constitute acceptance of the works as described and also these terms and conditions

  1. Expert Installations as a service provider will require full payment once works are completed as stated per initial correspondence with retailer or directly and such performance has been duly met. We reserve the right to remove all goods supplied and works performed due to non-payment or if our terms and conditions are breached. No reinstatement will be made for any parts or structures affected by works performed

  1. Once a booking date is scheduled, confirmed and agreed following deposits received, changes to booked dates by clients will be subject to the below:

    1. Minimum of 3 full business days’ notice shall be given in writing to change a scheduled date. The works will be rescheduled to the next available opening, this could result in many weeks delay and turnaround lead time especially during busy seasons
    2. A 20% administration charge will be levied for booking changes or job not honored after 4pm the day prior to the booking. Exceptional circumstances per management discretion
    3. Client to ensure site access and client contactable to allow the teams to access the site without undo delays. If teams cannot access site due to reasons beyond their control a call out fee will be levied in addition to the administration fee per point ‘ii’ above. Work will be rescheduled per next available opening

  1. Prices quoted will constitute the labour and materials required to fulfill the works per specification as discussed with retailer, email correspondence or visual site inspection conducted. We cannot accept responsibility for materials not included due to unseen obstacles or difficult to reach or observe areas which cannot be reasonably estimated or assumed. Such items will be flagged and clarified with client.

  1. Should the team note any hidden complications (eg. water pipes, electrical pipes, roof trusses, gas pipes etc) in or around the arranged installation site that will make the installation impossible to safely complete, the client will arrange for the problem to be rectified at their cost in-order to have the site remedied to allow for the installation to be completed. Date will be scheduled per next available opening.

  1. Additional parts and components required due to unseen install requirements will be charged. Any additional parts required will be costed and agreed with the client.

  1. Any parts or components not required/needed during installation can be returned by client or passed to installation team to return to retailer for a full refund, provided parts in new condition and can be re-used.

  1. If a client has provided the necessary measurements and dimensions to facilitate the works and such measurements prove inaccurate resulting in delays, reworks or require revisit to site, additional fees will be levied. These will be quantified and agreed with client.

  1. The warranty on physical products will only be enforced if the unit is installed per the manufacturer’s recommendations as per the user manual of the unit. Unit should be used as directed by the user manual. Install teams have the necessary training and care is always exercised to achieve the manufacturer guidelines in accordance with the relevant training received and on-site experience gained. It remains the owners responsibility to review and familiarize themselves with the unit manual.

  1. We cannot take any responsibility for installation delays caused by adverse weather conditions. We will do an impact assessment and advise clients as soon as possible if necessary reschedule an installation date.

  1. We endeavor to define an installation date and time frame but cannot take any responsibility for installation delays caused due to matters beyond their control. Reasons will be provided and if necessary dates will be rescheduled and communicated in a timely manner.

  1. It is the clients responsibility to agree and pinpoint the exact positioning of any units and any flue/conduit exit holes with the install team.

  1. If a specialist core drill has been specified, the utmost care will be taken to identify any obstacles (eg. electrical conduits, water pipes etc) prior to drilling. It remains the clients responsibility to agree the drill position and if any issues are accounted they will be for the clients account to fix.

  1. Installation team bears no risk or cost for unforeseen breakages and damages provided the necessary care was taken to prevent breakages and losses.

  1. Gas Fireplaces need to be connected by a Certified Gas Installer. They will be responsible for ensuring the gas pipes and connections comply with the necessary regulations. All flue-less gas fireplaces require cross ventilation, this must be enforced by the client.

  1. Client confirms that if Firebox, Stove, Aircon etc delivery has been agreed, that the site is ready for units to be safely maneuvered into the holding space or the installation position. This entails that there is a reasonable level path suitably surfaced to move products which by their nature are heavy, to the desired location without risk of damage or injury to products or persons. If delivery cannot be reasonably completed due to unreceptive site the delivery team reserves the right to not complete delivery. A new date will be scheduled and a new charge will be levied matching the original quoted delivery cost

           Units may arrive with install team and will be placed in the desired location.
           Units delivered prior to install will be placed in the nearest offloading and accessible point, ie garage

  1. Once installed the servicing and maintenance of the Fireboxes, Stoves and Aircons become the responsibility of the customer. This includes periodic review and assessment of any waterproofing.

  2. Consult the user manual to ascertain the regular cleaning and maintenance duties that should be carried out.

  3. We recommend annual servicing on all units. A service provider will determine the level of service required.